Brand: InHand Networks
Product Code: IR912
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Dimensions: 132.60mm x 112.80mm x 45.00mm
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Integrating 4G  LTE  and  various  broadband  WANs,  providing  uninterrupted  access  to  internet, embedding full security network services, supporting tens of thousands device connections, InRouter900 enables  more  data  applications  for  machines.  InRouter900 has also been built for rapid deployment and easy management, which enables you to scale up M2M application combining data and video, in limited time and budget. InRouter900 is born with best-in-class reliability which ensures availability of your business, wherever harsh environment your machine stands.

InRouter900 is particularly suitable for large scale M2M solution, such as vending machine, ATM, digital signage, industrial automation equipment, smart grid, medical device, robot, field machinery, digital factory.

InRouter900 brings to machines brand new possibilities of data transaction, intelligent analysis, and advanced service