Brand: Maestro
Product Code: M100CDMAPLUS-V
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Weight: 90.00g
Dimensions: 74.30mm x 60.00mm x 21.70mm
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1xRTT CDMA RS232 w/ OpenAT VERIZON GPS or diversity, RS232, 2 GPIO, RTC back-up, voice support, LED reception signal indicator, gpsOneXTRA, AGPS, mini-USB interface PC configurator, Metal Casing, Industrial Temperature range. and easy graphical

M100 Series Modbus (3G or Verizon CDMA) allows legacy and new Modbus RTU/ASCII slave devices with RS-232 serial ports to operate on a TCP/IP network as full Modbus TCP slaves. All Modbus TCP devices on the network can share access to the Modbus ASCII/RTU device. 

Traditional Modbus RTU/ASCII master devices also can be connected to TCP/IP networks using Maestro 100 Series, making the device appear to be a full Modbus TCP master on the network. It can directly access Modbus TCP slave devices. It also can access other Modbus RTU/ASCII slaves that are connected to the network via other Maestro modems, as if it is talking directly to a Modbus RTU/ASCII slave. (Consult us for master mode)