What is machine-to-machine (M2M) technology?

Machine-to-machine technology, sometimes known as the Internet of Things, is a blanket term for any technology that allows networked devices to "talk" to each other without human assistance. M2M is just another means of real-time information gathering with machines which can communicate directly to a central location. Organizations can receive up-to-the-second data without having to send a worker out into the field to collect it.

Where does cloud computing fit into M2M?

The recent boom in cloud computing services has opened a whole new realm of M2M connectivity options. With the cloud, M2M devices are accessible from basically any Internet or cellular connections.

How about mobile computing?

Mobility is another newer technology that has been a boon for M2M communications. Smart devices rely heavily on wireless cell networks to function, and as mobility grows, so does the reach of these networks. Remote diagnostics are one of the most common consumer uses of M2M technology and are made possible entirely by mobile networks.

Are there are security risks associated with M2M?

As with any technology that involves data leaving the four walls of the company, there are some security concerns associated with M2M. All the information floating out there makes an attractive target for hackers and data thieves. The real-time nature of M2M is in itself a defense against hackers, as so security issues can’t go undiscovered for long while the machines keep talking.