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Core-Tec International

CORE-TEC INTL is one of the fastest growing independent electronic distributors worldwide.

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Excess Inventory & Handling Issues


In many different situations, companies may find themselves trying to deal with their excess/surplus of inventory (along with the many costs incurred with it). Whether you are looking for immediate disposal of this excess inventory or if you’d rather have it professionally managed, Core-Tec can offer your company a solution using one of our excess inventory management programs. Our experienced teams with evaluate the current worth of your excess inventory in relation to the marketplace and economy and help you recognize your immediate return for the product line. With our consignment inventory, we can help you realize the potential worth of your excess inventory while you retain control. We have an open-book policy with on-hand settlement reports that enables transparency so you can continually monitor your return.


In 2004, Chris Core founded Core-Tec International with the goal of becoming a recognized leader in the distribution of electronic parts. Today, Core-Tec is one of the fastest growing independent electronic distributors worldwide. Headquartered in Montreal, Canada and Edinburg, Texas, Core-Tec connects with many of the world’s largest OEM and CM manufacturers daily. Core-Tec’s mission is to deliver the highest quality products to our clients worldwide in an efficient and timely manner. Professional staff strives to create an energetic and helpful environment with the goal of ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction.


Expert Staff

Backed by 25 years of experience in the industry, Core-Tec’s staff is dedicated to excellence in customer service, quality and professionalism when working with each individual client.


Quality policy

Core-Tec endeavours to continually improve their business processes and client relations with the goal of meeting and exceeding customer’s needs. This policy aims to strengthen business relations with clients while creating long-lasting associations with Core-Tec. All products are brand new and factory packaged and can be shipped within the same day.